I find that peer-based recovery services are especially important in Medication-Assisted Treatment because not only is MAT not always well understood or received in the 12-step community, but the very successful methadone patients are not around the clinic much so new patients do not have close contact with role models. The peer-based program at the clinic site provides important tools for empowerment, self-determination and choice.

After the Beyond MARS™ training, my implementation team was so well prepared and excited that we were immediately able to establish our own MARS™ program. It has been so successful that we will be presenting our effort at the upcoming AATOD conference in Philadelphia (November 2013). It’s great to be part of the MARS™ Community!

Cheryl Blankenship Kupras, LCSW-MAT, Clinic Director, California

It’s a place that helps me follow my recovery program and the place where I can become the person I want to be.

MARS™ Participant, Bronx NY

It’s a safe place to relax, take a break, enjoy time with peers who are also in recovery.

MARS™ Participant, Bronx NY

My opinion of methadone before I entered the program was very negative. I believed what everyone else was telling me where I was just substituting one drug for another. The thing that changed my mind was going to Joyce and Walter’s groups where they would teach you about methadone as medication.

MARS™ Participant, Bronx NY