A structured program to help you transform MAT to MAR (medication-assisted treatment to medication-assisted recovery)

Sometimes a holistic treatment approach to recovery includes medication. For some, their sustained recovery efforts also must include medication. Unfortunately, such recovery efforts have often been stigmatized. The MARS™ Project fights this stigma with education and support services to show addiction professionals and patients themselves that real recovery is possible with medication.

MARS™ provides training and technical assistance to enhance treatment and recovery efforts with structured peer recovery support, MAT education and a holistic approach to foster a recovery-oriented system of care.

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We welcome individuals and treatment programs to join the MARS™ Community.

We can help you to design, implement and evaluate treatment and recovery support services that will complement your existing program.

Do you work in another kind of environment? We welcome anyone interested in improving treatment and recovery efforts to contact us to discuss how MARS™ can meet your needs.